5 reasons why a Christmas Mini Session in Gibraltar is a great idea!

Reason #1: A perfect Christmas gift for your family

If you struggle with Christmas presents for your loved ones or simply have no time to look for unique gifts, the Christmas Mini Sessions in Gibraltar can be a perfect option. In addition, after the session you can order customised products, albums, frames etc.

Reason #2: Quick way of getting a yearly family picture

For some families that is the way of getting the family picture done for the year. And you know what? It is a perfect way! It hassle free, quick and efficient. And most importantly, your kids are going to smile coz the time of the year is very encouraging to be merry.

Reason #3: Beautiful surroundings & nature

For those clients who come to the Christmas Mini Sessions in Gibraltar the Alameda Garden is one of the locations that the kids adore. In addition, the kids are usually amazed and they love to play with the decorations that I prepare.  Therefore, after the finished sessions many of my clients stay in the forest and enjoy the nature for the rest of the day.

Reason #4: Hassle free

You just need to show up. I will make sure your kids cooperate and hopefully we will have a great time. However you should know that the kids don’t want to leave because they are enjoying the session so much.

Reason #5: A great way of spending the time with your family

Many times I hear: “We thought it would be stressful” or “I worried my kids wouldn’t pose” or “wow, this was really fun!”. The truth is although you might fear your kids will be misbehaved, they will run or disobey. Don’t worry. I have 2 kids myself and I know a few tricks to get them in place. And most importantly. If you relax about it then it is really good fun. Above all, I believe taking photos bonds the family not only on the paper but also is a perfect way of spending quality time.

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